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Where Are They Now

Miles Spearman at Universal

Miles Spearman

Class of 2019

Our graduates make the most of the skills and experiences they mastered in Boardman. Miles Spearman, BHS Class of 2019, was featured on Amazon Prime's Series 'The College Tour' in February of 2022.

His 8 college internships included time at  NBC Universal, HBO Max, Warner Media, and most recently Adobe in California.

Miles was emersed in BHS's band program as a marching band member and Jazz musician. His long list of activities and enthusiasm at BHS earned him a $25,000 Taco Bell college Scholarship, one of only 10 in the nation.

Miles Spearman 2019 graduation ceremony


BHS 2012 Grad John Kuczek sitting with students in Physics classroom

Dr. John Kuczek

Class of 2012 

Former Boardman Student, now Plasma Physicist Dr. John Kuczek, came back to BHS for a visit to the Physics classes in December. 

The Class of 2012 grad spoke about his road to Los Alamos and his research in Inertial Confinement Fusion. The Los Alamos National Lab is one of only 16 research/development labs in the U.S. Department of Energy. He says he's doing his dream job and encouraged students to find their passion.

BHS Class of 2012 John Kuczek Visits Physics Classes


Officer Poulos pinning police badge on new officer, Erin Higgins

Erin Higgins

Class of 2018 

Erin Higgins, BHS Class of 2018,  knew she was interested in the law and thought she might find herself in a courtroom someday.

Her criminal justice degree from Kent State University and her training at the police academy has brought her back home to Boardman.

Sworn in on July 11, 2022--she requested Boardman High SRO, Officer Paul Poulos, to present her badge at the official pinning ceremony. She is now among Boardman Police Department's finest.